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About Us

The Endpoint Story

The brainchild behind Endpoint was a CIO that identified a niche in defining and implementing innovative IT strategies through multi-sourced vendor relationships. Our belief is that adopting different techniques to obtain the best value, support and cost will ultimately sustain and grow a company.

A key focus for our company has been to improve outsourced services, address issues between the client and the provider, and deliver better quality outcomes.

Endpoint’s areas of expertise extend through most layers of contemporary IT Infrastructure, including End User Computing Environments, Infrastructure and Cloud Services, and Telecommunications.

We are focused on improving the way IT works, its use of technology and value derived from IT investments.

In addition, we have adopted a “Service Integrator” business model (unique in the Australian market), that brings together the capabilities necessary to define, drive and implement transformative change.

We are not in the business of writing reports or earning fees for “advice”.

Endpoint works with clients at each stage of our tried and tested transformation lifecycle, contributing its capabilities in an integrated approach that ensures strategic intent is followed through in delivery.

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