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From Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure to Digital Transformation, Endpoint providing quality solutions!
Application Portfolio Management

Service-Based Operating Models

Endpoint works with clients to develop and implement service models that span both business and IT. The IP we bring to the table is proven to work across a range of organisation types – large and small.


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Across a broad spectrum of sectors, new technologies and ways of working are shifting value from manufacturers and creators, to enterprises that operate end-to-end platforms and provide outcomes as-a-service.

For many enterprises, that means constant change and disruption—and a growing threat of market obsolescence. Organisations, revising their forward planning, are seeking ways to constantly reinvent their organisation to stay ahead of the pack and provide a competitive edge.

Organisations have a far better chance at succeeding when a Services-based operating model—or how an organization creates value—is aligned to the business strategy. The services-based approach underpins the ability to run the business in a ‘modular’ framework.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

In an ever-changing global marketplace, companies are looking for opportunities to gain a competitive advantage and simultaneously grow revenue, profits, and customer loyalty.
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Endpoint provides the expertise and experience to deliver a “Life Cycle” model for IT Infrastructure Optimisation using our practice expertise, proven methodology and tools.

With Endpoint as your partner the ability to provide end-to-end visibility within your infrastructure to predict your capacity requirements, boost utilisation, offsetting purchases and increase your service back to your customers can be a reality.

Application Portfolio Management

Unified Communications

Telecommunications is an extremely challenging area for many organisations, not least from an expense management perspective.


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With the rapid increase in mobile computing, the burgeoning costs associated with domestic and international data are of real concern. In fact, after people and property, telecommunications is the third largest cost for most businesses.

Endpoint helps businesses identify and solve telecoms issues at a core level, delivering cost reductions whilst at the same time introducing new capabilities such as Unified communications.

Unified Communication

Application Portfolio Rationalisation

Over time, organisations increase the number of applications to match their growth. These applications can be COTS, Cloud-based or bespoke built. The complexity of the IT ecosystem increases with age and can start to consume increasing funds just to maintain business as usual.

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This complexity also impinges on the organisation’s ability to meet new market opportunities. The Application Portfolio Rationalisation process follows a number of steps to understand, categorise, analyse and create a desired end state – with a roadmap to get you there.
End User Computing

End User Computing

Endpoints End-User Computing services offer enterprises the ability to tap emerging technology models to suit their unique business needs.

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We work with enterprises to strategically define models that are right for their business whilst at the same time, simplifying existing environments.
Application Portfolio Rationalisation

Digital Transformation

Endpoint provides the relevant strategy and IT operating model to enable technology advancements and digital integration. At Endpoint, we align partners, solutions integration and innovation practices.

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This ensures alignment of business technology capability with consumer needs and growing demands.

By working closely with Senior Leaders both within the business and technology, we build robust digital capability plans and transformation programs that are successful and aligned to strategic business drivers.


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